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VIP Membership

To all our Beautiful Clients,

YES, we are open in Level 1 & 2. If you want to book an appointment click on the 'Book Now' Tab.

How it Works:

You pay $10 weekly, credited to your account each week, to receive a 20% discount.


20% discount on full price treatments.

$20 Birthday voucher (sent by email).

Credit may be used to pay for any treatment specials.

Terms of Membership:

Pay $10 weekly or $20 a fortnightly.

Credit is applied on Sundays for all payments made during the week (Mon-Sat).

20% discount starts after 2 automatic payments are received.

If you miss a payment, the following month you will lose the 20% discount e.g. miss a payment in April lose 20% discount for month of May.

Credit to be used before it reaches $100. If you need to go above this, let us know.

Should you choose to terminate this agreement there will be no refunds. You can terminate at any time however, you will lose the 20% discount upon termination.

You cannot share your credit.

If you incur a cancellation fee (or owe us money for any reason) we will deduct the payment from your account.

If you would like to join our VIP membership or wish to discuss it further, contact us by either:


Facebook message (PM us): Click the link on our Homepage

Phone: 07 8482308

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