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VIP Membership

How it Works:

You pay $10 weekly, credited to your account each week, to receive a 20% discount.


20% discount on full price treatments.

3% of the amount you spend above your credit will accumulate as reward dollars to pay for any treatment at the time of your choosing.

$20 Birthday text voucher.

Credit may be used to pay for treatment specials.

Credit can be saved to a maximum of $100.

Terms of Membership:

Pay $10 weekly or $20 a fortnightly.

20% discount starts after 2 automatic payments are received.

If you miss a payment, the following month you will lose the 20% discount e.g. miss a payment in April lose 20% discount for month of May.

You can only save credit to a maximum of $100.

Should you choose to terminate this agreement there will be no refunds. You can terminate at any time however, you will lose the 20% discount upon termination.

You cannot share your credit.

If you would like to join our VIP membership or wish to discuss it further, contact us by either:


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